Opinion: Is college still worth it?

“It’s been a long time coming, but based on a slew of shocking statistics, people are finally asking if college is really worth it in terms of time, money, and outcomes. As I’ve seen statistics worsen over the last 14 years — I was chairman/CEO of a small university from 2005-2010 — I became more skeptical myself that college was, in fact, good for everybody. I concluded that it was not worth it for far too many who enrolled, including many who graduated. Some startling facts swayed my opinion. Venture capital investor Ryan Craig’s 2018 book, “A New U — Faster + Cheaper Alternatives to College”, states “America has 12.5 million twenty-somethings who attempted but failed to earn a degree.” These are the dropouts. For whatever reason college wasn’t right for them. Most accumulated student debt. Defaults on student loans are concentrated among these dropouts. Guess how that affects their credit ratings?”


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