Norcross, Kim to introduce bill requiring VA to notify veterans about apprenticeship programs

“Helmets to Hardhats has helped more than 6,000 veterans transition into construction work since its launch in 2003. But far too many veterans are still not aware of the program when they leave the military. Capt. Stephan Jackson no longer wears a military uniform, but the Marine veteran says that devotion to discipline and duty are still very much a part of his daily life. And he’s found a second calling and career as an apprentice electrical contractor with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.”

“Many say, ‘Are you a former Marine?’ I say, ‘No, I’m still one,’ I just don’t put a uniform on everyday and I don’t show up for formation in the morning,” Jackson said Thursday. “But I do show up at the gang box every morning, a half an hour early, ready to get to work and to do what I’ve been trained to do as an apprentice for Local 351.”

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