Here’s a strange idea — what if a university marketed itself as a place to acquire an education?

“American colleges and universities face strong headwinds, including skyrocketing costs and a shrinking supply of prospective students. Many are scrambling to reinvent themselves in ways they hope will boost enrollments. But in doing so, some fine institutions have lost their way. The reinvention of the University of Tulsa, a top-100 research university until two years ago, follows a national trend in emphasizing self-affirmation and job preparation. Our strategic plan for 2017-22, “Building the Foundation for a Great Story and a Greater Commitment,” does not ask, “What do we want students to learn?” but, “How do we want TU students to feel?” The answer is “accepted,” “engaged,” “empowered,” and “self-discovery [sic]”—the pillars of the so-called TU Commitment.”

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