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Course: Discover a Career as a Dental Office Assistant
Program Length: 25
Course Type: Instructor Led

Working as a dental office assistant is an ideal method of finding employment in the professional setting of a dental office without spending the time or money to pursue a more in-depth education required of those working in the clinical side of the dental practice. As a dental office assistant, you often single-handedly manage the office side of the operation. Lacking the essential talents of a dental office assistant, a dental office would have to shut down, or at least sputter along at a less than efficient manner. There are several duties performed by a dental office assistant that make this employee so important to the overall operation of a dental clinic. First, the dental office assistant is the one who sets up patients appointments for the dental practice. Without these appointments, the dental office is without an income. The dental office assistant also welcomes patients to the practice and handles all of the paperwork, including dental insurance forms. With some quality training and good organizational skills, you can easily handle all of these facets of a dental office assistant career. In larger dental facilities, many dental office assistants might be on the payroll, with each one handed a specific job. Hire on with a small general dental practice and your job is varied with several tasks required for your employment. Our course will share the interesting career of a dental office assistant.
* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.
** Course Subject to Change.

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