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1200 Taylor Road Montgomery, AL 36117
Program Length: 360
Course: Hospitality Sales & Marketing Specialist Program
Course Type: Mentor Supported

In today's competitive hospitality market, it is vital to have an understanding of sales and marketing. Our Hospitality Sales & Marketing Specialist program will focus on destination marketing along with other parts of tourism while drawing from the insights of leading sales executives to cover the hospitality sales profession. 
Hospitality Sales and MarketingIn today’s competitive hospitality market, understanding sales and marketing is essential to succeed in the hospitality business. Our Hospitality Sales and Marketing course provides an in-depth look at established marketing themes unique to the hospitality world. The content draws upon practical experiences and new trends related to customer relationship management, advertising, social media, and technology. This course explores customer behavior, market segments, pricing strategies, selling techniques, and ways sales professionals can tailor their approach to the buyer’s unique perception of value. 
Prerequisite(s): None
Hospitality: An Introduction
Hospitality: An Introduction provides a detailed description of the many facets of the Hospitality and Tourism sector, including tours and travel, hotels, restaurants, culinary, casino operations, cruises, and the recreation and leisure industries. Personal profiles of industry leaders highlight the wide range of career opportunities available in the field. This course discusses the Hospitality and Tourism industry's evolution toward increased internationalization and integration. Industry vignettes offer a behind-the-scenes view of real-life job tasks and career success stories. Each module of this course features practical case study scenarios, a description of trends in the field and ways to apply your knowledge. 
Prerequisite(s): None
** Course Subject to Change.