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Contact Information
1200 Taylor Road Montgomery, AL 36117
Program Length: 25
Course: Lose Weight & Keep It Off
Course Type: Instructor Led

Have you ever felt like it shouldn’t be so hard to lose a little bit of weight?  Are you tired of trying diet after diet, trend after trend to not produce any results?  Sometimes it takes a little more to get that stubborn fat off.  Fat is not a cushion or insulation, but an energy reserve and our Lose Weight and Keep It Off course will help you identify how tap into your store of energy and correct the problem. Our course will examine the basics of metabolism for various body types that you can use immediately in the effort of losing weight and keeping it off.  This course is not for those who can lose weight easily, but for those who have a very stubborn metabolism.  
* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.
** Course Subject to Change.