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Course: Mental Health Technician Specialist Program
Program Length: 360
Course Type: Career Course Bundle

Our Mental Health Technician Specialist Program focuses on providing a solid background in working with mentally, developmentally, or emotionally impaired individuals. The Mental Health Technician Specialist Program will also focus on abnormal behavior in order to understand abnormal patterns of functioning to better assist professionals with the individual's daily needs.
Mental Health TechnicianThis Mental Health Technician course provides a solid background in mental health so you can work comfortably with clients who exhibit both effective and maladaptive behaviors. Nurses, case managers, psychiatric technicians, direct care providers, and other health care professionals will increase their awareness and understanding of a holistic view of mental health care with this comprehensive online training program. A variety of therapies and treatments are explored to assist in dealing with psychological or psychosocial problems, such as substance use conditions, medical illnesses, developmental delays and disabilities, and social stressors such as poverty, domestic violence, and homelessness. 
Prerequisite(s): None
Abnormal PsychologyIn the same way that psychology offers important insights in terms of human behavior and experience, so does the sub-field called abnormal psychology. Our Abnormal Psychology course will introduce psychopathology and changing views of mental illness. We examine impairments in brain functions and social processes and how this affects everyday life. Our course explores disorders of childhood, mood disorders, psychoses, schizophrenia, sexuality, eating, and anxiety disorders. By taking this course, you will discover the many faces of abnormal psychology and you will be challenged to define what is normal and abnormal. 
Prerequisite(s): None
** Course Subject to Change.

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