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1200 Taylor Road Montgomery, AL 36117
Program Length: 540
Course: Drug & Alcohol Counselor Program
Course Type: Career Course Bundle

Our Drug & Alcohol Counselor Program will provide you with all of the information needed to work with the chemically dependent and addicted.  Drug & Alcohol counselors experience the rare chance to change people's lives. There are few accomplishments as rewarding as taking back a life seized by addiction.
Drug and Alcohol Counseling Level 1Have you ever thought about a career in addiction coaching? Do you feel passionate about helping people reclaim lives that have been deteriorated by drugs or alcohol? Addiction coaching professionals treat individuals who are in need of substance abuse counseling as well as offer peace of mind to the families of persons who are in need of drug addiction counseling. Our Drug and Alcohol Counseling course examines various substance abuse disorders and presents techniques for helping people overcome their addictions.
Prerequisite(s): None
Drug and Alcohol Counseling Level 2Drug and Alcohol Counseling Level 2 is a comprehensive course for people who want to work with the chemically dependent and addicted in a variety of treatment settings. This course shows the student how to use the best evidence-based treatments available, including motivational enhancement, cognitive behavioral therapy, skills training, medication and 12 step facilitation. Guiding the student step-by-step through treatment, this course presents state-of-the-art tools, and forms and tests necessary to deliver outstanding treatment and to meet the highest standards demanded by accrediting bodies.
Prerequisite(s): Drug and Alcohol Counseling Level 1
** Course Subject to Change.