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Course: Horticulture Track
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2 John Brewers Bay St. Thomas, VI 00803
Course Type: Career Course Bundle

The Horticulture Track prepares individuals for a career in the cannabis horticulture industry. Our 3 course program will cover topics such as commercial growing, laws, policies, and the quality of the cannabis
Cannabis Commercial GrowingAre you interested in growing commercial cannabis but intimidated by the growing process? If so, this course is for you. Our Cannabis Commercial Growing course introduces you to the step by step process of growing medical-grade cannabis without making it complicated. We explore how to create and structure a perfect growing environment and we cover elements related to ventilation, lighting, temperature, water, feeding, cloning, flowering, pests, diseases, and harvesting. By following the processes outlined in this course, you’ll be able to produce a bountiful cannabis harvest.
* You have 4 weeks to complete this course.
** Course Subject to Change.
Maximizing Quality CannabisOne in five Americans now lives in a legalized state. Cannabis is a crop that is being grown much more often across the world. In our Maximizing Quality Cannabis course, we explore the steps and techniques related to harvesting, such as pruning, trimming, drying, curing, and storing. We also discuss the life cycle of cannabis, water hash, and making BHO. 
* You have 4 weeks to complete this course.
** Course Subject to Change.
Cannabis Laws and PoliciesThe laws and policies that regulate cannabis cultivation, sale, and its uses are constantly evolving. Cannabis is still federally illegal, but the landscape is rapidly progressing towards the acceptance of cannabis for medical and recreational uses. Although still hotly debated, there is much evidence that shows the benefits of using cannabis to treat various disorders, diseases, and illnesses. Our Cannabis Laws and Policies course describes the current political landscape, federal laws vs. state laws, financial and tax implications, as well as the future of cannabis legalization. 
* You have 4 weeks to complete this course.
** Course Subject to Change.
** Course Subject to Change.

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